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The Chinese Exclusion Act banned, on the basis of race, all Chinese from coming into the US. This is when the Chinese started to establish their own businesses.This led to the rise of Chinese American food and restaurants, which is such a big part of American cuisine today. Visit the interactive exhibit at the Museum of Food and Drink to learn more.

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Smith County Historical Society prepares WWI exhibit

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's been 100 years since the United States joined World War One. Smith County's population at that time was much smaller, but with the world converging on Europe there was no shortage of East Texans who fought.

The Smith County Historical Society is preparing a new exhibit for them. KLTV 7 got a look inside as they get everything ready.

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Family of tasered man on life support says they are not allowed to visit

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The family of an East Texas man who was taken to the hospital after being tasered five times while trying to flee from Smith County deputies says they are not allowed to see him, despite his being in critical condition.

"[The hospital] let us know that our son is on life support," the man's stepmother Candella Foster said. "There's been substantial damage to the brain, and yet still we can't get in to see our son."

DeAndre Foster, 33, was pulled over just before 2 p.m., Friday, for expired registration. The stop occurred in a business parking lot located in the 11800 block of Highway 64 West. According to the SCSO, Foster was shocked with a Taser five times, and when deputies noticed he was convulsing, he was taken to the hospital via ambulance.

According to the SCSO, Foster's family is not allowed to see him because it is department protocol.

"We just want to see him," Candella Foster said. "He's a father, he's a brother, we need to know that he's okay."

The Smith County Sheriff's Department says deputies found suspected illegal drugs on Foster's person, and in a recorded phone call between Candella Foster and the hospital, it is said that Deandre Foster had a seizure due to the drugs. The doctor does not indicate whether the repeated shocks triggered the seizure.

The phone call ends with Candella Foster pleading with a guard at Foster's door to let the family visit.

The report given by the Smith County Sheriff's Office reads as follows:
A Smith County Deputy Constable arrived as Foster attempted to flee. The constable was able to deploy his Taser which struck Foster causing him to fall to the ground. Foster was able to free himself and again attempted to flee. At that time a Smith County Sheriff’s Office deputy was able to deploy his Taser. Foster was then taken to the ground for a second time. As deputies tried to place handcuffs on Foster, he continued to resist and was subsequently tased a third time. Due to the immediate danger and continued resistance by Foster, two drive stuns were performed with the Taser. Deputies were then able to handcuff Foster.

Video of the incident is not being released at this time, but still images from deputy body cameras was released. In them, Foster can be seen struggling with two Smith County deputies.

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Plane recovered from Lake Palestine after being submerged three years

LAKE PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) -A two-seater plane that crashed into Lake Palestine three years ago is finally back at the surface. After an underwater investigation firm spent months locating the exact location, they hired a dive team and spent a day extracting it.

"We performed several SONAR sweeps at various coordinates we thought were supposed to be the location of the plane," Summit Investigation and Imaging owner Brian West said. "We found things that looked like airplanes... they would be tree stumps with pieces of plywood on the side."

He says the initial investigation and paperwork are what took longest. After combing through crash reports and data from DPS, the FAA and NTSB, he was on the water with SONAR equipment. Then when he pinpointed the wreck, it was time to move.

"Two of our divers went down and they made a sweep with a 50 foot rope," International ALERT Academy instructor Michael Harman said. "They found the plane right away and tied off to it."

A team of divers from the academy partnered with West in the physical recovery. The dive team inspected the wreckage and attached a lift bag to the plane's prop. From there, it started to rise.

"It pulled the plane nose up, and then we had the plane hanging vertically in the water," Harman said. "We attached two smaller lift bags to the tail and brought the tail up."

They towed the plane in slowly, and once it was on dry land they let it drain in stages as they took it from the water.

West says the fuselage was sold for scrap, and other parts are being inspected for reuse elsewhere.

"The river authority wanted the airplane off the bottom of the lake," West said.

And now, it is.

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