Pickup crashes into East Texas school bus, ten injured

PITTSBURG, TX (KLTV) - East Texas Medical Center says all of the Pittsburg ISD students involved in a morning bus crash are released from the hospital.

"It could have been so much worse," Pittsburg ISD Superintendent Judy Pollan said. "It was a very intense hit."

Around 7 a.m. a northbound pickup truck on US 271 slammed into the back of a parked school bus with its lights flashing. The hit sent glass flying through the bus, and pulverized the pickup truck.

Pollan says all Pittsburg ISD students will make full recoveries, and none of them suffered major injuries. But according to ETMC, two juvenile passengers in the pickup truck were flown to a Dallas hospital in serious condition. Their current condition is unknown at this time.

"The scariest part was watching them take the kids out of that truck," Pittsburg High School sophomore Nicholas Glass said.

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Nicholas Glass was in one of the back seats of the bus when the crash happened. Following the crash, he was able to get cleaned up at his home, but says a dizzy spell prompted his mother to take him to the hospital. There he found out he had suffered minor whiplash, and is expected to recover well.

"I'll be at school tomorrow," he said.

The school bus is out of commission for now, parked in the back lot of the school district's central office. The left rear bumper is pushed under, and some back windows are blown out. Glass litters the back of the bus.

"I really want to emphasize the importance of drivers watching out for school buses," Superintendent Pollan said. "What we're seeing are so many drivers who go flying around the bus so they won't have to stop and be delayed. It is very dangerous to do that."

It is illegal too. The Texas Department of Public Safety says, "it is illegal to pass any school bus that is stopped and operating a visual signal – either flashing red lights or a stop sign."

The driver of the pickup is identified as Angelika Resendez, 29, of Mt. Pleasant. According to ETMC, she was treated and released from ETMC-Pittsburg.

DPS says the investigation is continuing at this time.

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